22nd - Hoosier Academy – Indianapolis, IN

24th - CADA – Tulare, CA

28th – Kellogg’s – Battle Creek, MI


5th - Kingman Middle School – Kingman, AZ

21st - Campbellsville High School – Campbellsville, KY

24th - CADA - Union City, CA

27th - Morton East High School - Cicero, IL


2nd – Holston Middle School – Knoxville, TN

4th – Warren County Middle School – McMinnville, TN

4th – Morrison Elementary – Morrison, TN



8th - Manual High School - Indianapolis, IN

11th - Manual High School – Indianapolis, IN

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Are They Being Mean Or Are They Bullies?

In today’s society the word bully gets used a lot. We have been asked many times if the term is over used… Yes. Are there bullies in schools? Absolutely! Are there mean kids in school? Yep! Are mean kids always bullies? No. I found this article that really got me thinking about it:   A bully is defined as …

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Do You Really Know What Is Happening On The Internet?

Most parents think they are responsible. Some think they know exactly what was going on. Do you really know what you child is doing with their phone? Do you know what direct messages are being sent to them? Do you realize that they are a target for cyber bullying each day?   I have to admit that even as America’s …

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Have You Ever Done This?

Who really made the decision, which sports can only be for girls or boys? I mean, if you really think about it doesn’t that seem completely ridiculous? Especially since we have come so far in gender equality. Now in high school I was a good athlete and sports were my world. I was good enough to eventually go on and …

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This Is Our Responsibility

It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. Source: National Education Association.  To be honest, this video is really hard to watch. It tears my heart out as a parent to see a child hurting so badly. What pains me even more is how many people don’t understand this …

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The topic of bullying is hard to ignore these days. In fact, a lot of us are probably tired of hearing about it, but if you don’t want to hear about it, then it is time to join in and put a stop to it. Many of us read or listen to some of the news on bullying, but since …

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Anti-Bullying Movement

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Mr. Mojo Speaking Preview

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How Our Program Works


Anti-Bullying Program

The Mojo Up Anti-Bullying Program is a comprehensive approach for K-12 schools to empower the vested stakeholders in education to become leaders against the ever growing epidemic of bullying. The program is designed to provide educational and training components for principals, teachers, counselors, coaches, students and even parents with a unified strategy that includes school-wide cultural shifts, classroom instruction, and individual growth models.Tell me more…

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Anti-Bullying Tour

Are you ready to bring the Mojo Up Anti-Bullying Tour to your school or event? Mr. Mojo would love to work with you every step of the way to determine what your school or event needs are and which program will work best for your school! Click Here to get started!

Anti-Bullying Compliance

Many states across the country have adopted bullying, harassment, and/or safe school legislation. While legislation is the first step, it is imperative that school corporations also implement district-wide anti-bullying policy, reporting and investigation procedures as well as a comprehensive sequence of intervention. How compliant are you with Anti-Bullying Policies & Laws?

Anti-Bullying Laws