case study 2

Kate’s Real Food’s story began with Kate Schade, in search of the next adventure. To support her busy lifestyle, Kate needed an energy bar that tasted great and was made from organic ingredients. When she couldn’t find one, she decided to make her own. And till this day, Kate’s Real Food is still committed to fueling adventures with organic, great-tasting products.

By bringing adventurers quality and clean ingredients, the business garnered a loyal following. But to keep their business thriving, they knew they needed to harness the true powers of the web. They wanted to refine their SEO and build more revenue through organic traffic; not to mention, they had a site transition on the horizon, and needed to get their digital components in order.

In 2019, they reached out to Big Leap for guidance on nurturing profitable real estate in search engines. Through a collaborative partnership, we strategized a robust SEO campaign that boosted our client’s product view sessions by over 100%. These results helped our client illuminate the authenticity of their brand to the right audience and gain a deeper understanding of the digital sphere.

Keep reading for the full scoop on the unique tools and strategies Big Leap produced to help Kate’s Real Food establish a solid foothold in the online landscape. And feel free to reach out to our SEO experts to discover the customized campaigns we can map out for you.

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