• Karrah Herring

    Chief Equity, Inclusion & Opportunity Officer for The State of Indiana

  • Jimmie McMillian

    Sr. Corporate Counsel at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  • Inez Evans

    President + CEO at IndyGo

  • Rob Lowe

    Chief People Officer of Republic Airways

  • Nick Daniels

    Managing Partner at M14 Hoops - Indianapolis

  • Marshawn Wolley

    President + CEO of Black Onyx Management

  • Heather Bolejak-Smith

    Senior Director, HR Practice at Intrinz, Inc.

  • Chad Hill

    Judicial Officer at Hamilton Co. Indiana

  • Andrew Adeniyi

    Founder + CEO of AAA Solutions

  • Akilah Darden

    President + Founder of The Darden Group

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