The Client | Pet.VRA

Pet.VRA’s mission is to be the indispensable digital resource for all pet owners, enabling pet owners to provide the necessary care and love for their new family members. By providing timely access to veterinary services, urgent care and financial services, we hope to have happier and healthier pets.

The Goal

Pet.VRA wanted to become the go-to veterinary for virtual care. They hired Mojo Up to develop their marketing strategy, with the goal of attracting more veterinarians and pet parents to the app.

The Problem

Pet.VRA are a group of vets, not marketers. They didn’t have any video or collateral, and they hadn’t thought through what it would take to build their marketing resources.

Our Solution

Mojo Up started the process by developing Pet.VRA’s Brand Blueprint, which outlined their specific needs as a company, as well as their marketing strategy. We also created a brochure Pet.VRA can bring to investors and veterinarians to pitch their ideas, and then, we shot and produced a commercial on their behalf.

Brand Creatives

  • Brand Blueprint
  • Pre-Heat
  • Video commercial

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