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Client Spotlight: Fishers High School Basketball

Our clients almost always come to us with the same problem.

They are great at what they do, however, not enough people know how great they are at what they do.  We solve that.

Our diverse + talented team has worked with clients from all different industries.  From sports facilities, to colleges and universities, to restaurants and non-profits – we are proud of the work we’ve done to help our clients tell their stories and make their greatest impact. 

Our Client: Fishers High School Basketball


Fishers new head coach, Garret Winegar, wanted to share his vision, expectations and long-term philosophy for how he planned to build one of Indiana’s premiere basketball programs.


Winegar didn’t have a very big budget, and no one internally on staff could produce a high-quality video.  He also needed some direction on how to tell his story in a way that people could understand it.


Mojo Up helped Winegar find a local business to sponsor their video, Fishers imports.  Then, we developed a video strategy, scripted the video, created a video storyboard, produced it professionally.

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