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Client Spotlight: WestPoint Gutwein Group, Kevin Gutwein

Our clients almost always come to us with the same problem.

They are great at what they do, however, not enough people know how great they are at what they do.  We solve that.

Our diverse + talented team has worked with clients from all different industries.  From sports facilities, to colleges and universities, to restaurants and non-profits – we are proud of the work we’ve done to help our clients tell their stories and make their greatest impact!

Our Client: WestPoint Gutwein Group, Kevin Gutwein


Kevin Gutwein of the Gutwein Group is a financial planner who was looking to increase his brand awareness, share his process and personality, and grow his business. 


Kevin works as financial planner for a national organization, and all of their marketing resources were not personally branded for him.


Mojo Up created all of Kevin’s print and digital collateral needs and then documented Kevin personally and professionally through a brand film that tells his authentic story. We are continuing to work with Kevin on his brand growth through social media and a Vodcast – available as both a podcast and a video series.

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