The Formula for Social Media

What should I post on social media?  Almost all of our clients ask us this question.  So we asked our CEO + Founder, Travis Brown to break down the formula we use at Mojo Up for social media.

When people check out our social media at Mojo Up, we want them to be able to understand exactly who we are and what we do.  We want them to think, “wow, I want Mojo Up to do that for us.”

Three areas we focus on all for all of our social media posts are:

  1. Clients – Showcasing the work we’ve done for our clients
  2. Education – Taking time to educate in the areas where we are the experts
  3. Our Process – An inside look into our process

And then we break those categories down into what we call, the 5 P’s.

  1. People – your clients + team
  2. Process – documenting your process
  3. Personality – having some fun + showcasing team personalities
  4. Product – showcasing the product or service you are selling
  5. Proof – prove that you actually do what you say you do

It doesn’t necessarily matter how often you start out posting each week, but once you get started with social media, DON’T STOP.  If you follow these guidelines, be prepared to start seeing your brand grow!

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