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Client Spotlight: FitHauz

Our clients almost always come to us with the same problem.

They are great at what they do, however, not enough people know how great they are at what they do.  We solve that.

Our diverse + talented team has worked with clients from all different industries.  From sports facilities, to colleges and universities, to restaurants and non-profits – we are proud of the work we’ve done to help our clients tell their stories and make their greatest impact. 

Our Client: FitHauz


Married couple, Steve and Janis Pirt, wanted to build and brand their new business FitHauz – coming this summer to Indianapolis.


With little marketing experience, the Pirt’s needed the help of an agency to assist with the development of their overall brand and marketing strategy.  


The Mojo Up team started from scratch to come up with the brand, the message, the look, the feel, and the overall marketing strategy for Steve and Janis.  The Brand Blueprint was the foundation of this project, taking several sessions to understand their exact goals, and working together to make sure their ideas aligned for this new beginning. From there, we designed their logo, a brochure, all of their social media banners, a brand video, and advertising commercials.  Then, we optimized their social media channels and built their website.

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